I have been blogging personally and professionally since 2001. My personal blog is the longest-running, but I also created and curated several blogs for Additionally, I am an avid reader of blogs and have observed what seems to work and what doesn’t in terms of building an audience. I am comfortable with major blogging software such as WordPress and can train others on its use.

In my years of reading and writing blogs, I’ve learned that post consistency is key. Post too little or too much and only die-hards will continue reading.

I’ve also learned that you shouldn’t have a blog just for the sake of having a blog. This is true for all social media. Unless you are getting some real usefulness out of it, there is no need to waste your time. An unattended blog does not present a good image. Since blogs are typically written with a community in mind, an unattended blog sends the message that the community is unimportant—even if other social media properties like Twitter and Facebook are used regularly. If updating your blog is not a priority, it’s better not to have a blog at all.

However, a blog can be useful if you have a message to get out, or if your company is always evolving. It’s good to write about these things to keep customers in the loop. People love feeling like they’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at a company, and it makes the company seem more friendly as well.