Article: Local pets need help getting home

This piece, posted as a news story to, is a good example of the friendly writing style I use when interacting with the public. Originally published online here.

ACROSS THE CSRA—It’s an unfortunate fact that pets often go missing. News 12 wants to help get pets back home with our Lost and Found Pets page.

The page has been live since last year, and so far we have helped ten pets get back home. We want to help many more…but we need your help too!

If you’ve lost a pet, please post a picture to our Lost and Found Pets page. If you’ve found one, check the page, and if the pet’s not listed, you can post its picture.

Once your pet is safely home, just email us and we’ll remove the listing. (Old listings are usually removed after six months or so.)

This service is free. We’ve got a lot of pet lovers here at News 12 and we just want to make a difference!