Announcement: News 12 shifts RSS feeds to FeedBurner

This explanatory piece let visitors to know about our switch to Feedburner and some general information about RSS. Originally published here.

News 12 has shifted away from its old RSS feeds to feeds generated by FeedBurner.

What is RSS?

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is just another way to view content online. Instead of going to 15 different websites to read news or blogs, you can set up your browser or a third-party web service to pull all the content you’re interested in into one place.

Usually you’ll see a list of headlines and summaries in your RSS reader or browser. From there you can click on whatever you’re interested in reading.

You can learn more about RSS here.

How do I find RSS feeds?

An RSS feed is just a special link. Most sites now have a page listing all available RSS feeds. Look for “RSS” or “XML”.

Here are some examples:

News 12 RSS feeds

CBS News RSS feeds

CNN RSS feeds

How do I use RSS feeds?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has an RSS reader built into the browser. All you have to do is find an RSS feed and click on it, and Internet Explorer will tell you what you need to do to “subscribe”.

Other browsers also have built-in feed readers.

You can also pull RSS feeds into your “homepage” at sites like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

And finally, you can set up an account with a site like Bloglines to subscribe to and manage your feeds in more advanced ways.

The advantage to setting up RSS in a website or using a service like Bloglines is that you can access your feeds from any computer that has the internet. If you set up your browser at home to check feeds, though, you won’t have those settings at work.

Why the shift to FeedBurner?

We’re also shifting our blogs to Blogger; you may have already seen the new News Blog. This means we have RSS feeds coming from this site and RSS feeds coming from Blogger…and it’s possible that we’ll start using more third-party services that generate their own RSS feeds. We figure it’ll just be easier to use FeedBurner for all of them.

FeedBurner also has some nice reporting features that will let us know which feeds are popular, so we can better understand what you, our visitors, are interested in reading. After all, we’re here for you, not the other way around!

What are the RSS links now?

Check our RSS page for the most up-to-date list of RSS links. Here are a few of them:

News Headlines

Top News Headlines and Breaking News:

CrimeTeam 12 Headlines:

Politics Headlines:

HealthTeam 12 Headlines:

EducationTeam 12 Headlines:

12 On Your Side Headlines: