Bailie’s Art Center web ads

These ads were designed for Bailie’s Art Center in Augusta, Georgia, for use on The initial ads were designed in January of 2008 and were later revised numerous times for seasonal specials.

I received the client’s logo and several photographs of the business. Since the client does art framing, I decided to create frames around the ads. I searched online and found a tutorial on how to create wood patterns in Photoshop. Applying an embossing effect and dropping a shadow on the inside of the “frames” completed the realistic look.

Since I had plenty of room on the 208×600 skyscraper, I used the photographs there, creating striped separators using the colors of the logo. For the 300×250 supercube, I let the logo and contact information take center stage, giving them a striped background with different colors in a different direction for contrast.

Bailie's Art Center 208x600 skyscraper
Bailie’s Art Center 208×600 skyscraper
Bailie's Art Center 300x250 supercube
Bailie’s Art Center 300×250 supercube