Skateland of Augusta web ad

This 300×225 ad was designed in August 2009 for Skateland of Augusta, to be used on

The client sent the following hand-drawn image, and our internet salesperson suggested we flip the rabbit and use the phrase “You’ll flip over Skateland of Augusta”.

Client's hand-drawn rabbit
Client’s hand-drawn rabbit

I recolored the rabbit in Photoshop and applied some effects to make him appear 3D. A simple gradient in the background added depth to the image.

Skateland of Augusta 300x250 supercube ad
Skateland of Augusta 300×250 supercube ad

Turnaround time on this project was three hours.

The client had this to say:

That is a terrific ad! It should catch people’s attention.

I later reworked the ad into a 728×90 leaderboard.

Skateland of Augusta 728x90 leaderboard
Skateland of Augusta 728×90 leaderboard